Any ideas on how to deal with Cubase's horrible video performance?

Cubase’s video performance is appalling. Video is just frozen in either .mp4 or .mov. and it’s barely a one minute video!
My computer is a workstation with Win10 and Nvidia K2100 videocard. The card performs great with DaVinci Resolve and Premiere Pro, by the way.
I tried to contact Steinberg’s support team few times but all they do is to close the tickets without responding.
Any ideas?

For many people (including me), video seems to work well.
So instead of blaming Cubase, maybe try finding out what is wrong with your video file or your system.

What codec is used? (.mp4 and .mov say nothing about that). There’s a list of approved codecs in the Support section.
What frame rate? There’s a list of supported frame rates in the Support section.
What resolution?

You can find all this info using readily available tools like VLC or MediaInfo.

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digitallysane is right.

Most probably the problem is with your video file properties: codec, resolution and framerate.

First follow the recommendations here:
Video support in Nuendo, Cubase, WaveLab and Dorico – Steinberg Support

There is good chance that you won’t have any video playback issue after that.

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Go for the Er Media Toolkit from Audiospot (or any other video converter) and convert your videos to DNxHD. Get / buy the DNxHD video decoder from the Steinberg website, then you are fine. In 99% of all cases, crappy video codecs are messing up everything. Cheers

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For a long time I’ve been trying to contact Steinberg’s support regarding this and other problems. They responded only after two months, and even then, they keep ignoring the problem and keep on sending “recommendations” to do little changes system here and there. Needlessness to say, to this date, not a single one of Steinberg’s recommendation has worked.

Thanks but I already read a few several times h.264 does not play well in Cubase. I edit on Premiere and Davinci Resolve without any problems at all. Video works flawlessly in every application, except for Cubase

Steinberg listed H.264 as a compatible codec for Cubase.
I’ll try your advice and convert the files to DNxHD and see what happens.

I do the same, edit on Lightworks, finish in DaVinci and I also use Premiere Pro, After Effects, Scratch Player Pro and so on.

When it comes to H264 I wouldn’t say “flawlessly”, as there is a significant difference in performance in ALL those apps when using H264 vs edit-friendly codecs (ProRes, Cineform, DNxHD). H264 is much slower when scrubbing clips and the timeline.

After you try once to do a reasonably complex edit using proper codecs, in any of the apps above, it’ll be very hard to get back to using H264.

That being said, right now I do work on a Cubase project that has an H264 video in it and guess what, it works flawlessly.
That’s why I do suspect there might be something with your system/environment. H264 should be slower, but still not unusable as it seems to be in your case.
If it helps, my graphic card is an GeForce 2070RTX.