Any jazz guitarist out there? Which Plugin do you use?

Are you satisfied with the vst amp rack?

Not a jazz guitarist, but I really like Brainworx BX_Rockrack. Plugin Alliance has some decent sounding amps, and if you get on their mailing list they do frequent specials.

I love the TONEX Software by IK-Multimedia.

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I’m waiting on a Schecter riot session 4 to be delivered, so I’ll be “posing as a jazz” bass player soon. :smiley:

I’ll let you know when I’ve finally got it, but I do like ignite amps for disto (they have a ton of guitar centered stuff). I’ve recently been buying hardware, so have a bunch of hard saturation units I’m itching to run the DI bass through. :melting_face:

What jazz guitar sound do you want?

A sound like Charlie Christian, Kenny Burrell, George Benson, Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Al Di Meola; the list is long, the amp sounds are varied, not to mention the guitars and pickups on each, the microphones used, the size of the strings and picks,…

You know it’s not the plugin that will make the sound, there are all these variables and above all what you want to have as a jazz guitar sound.

I believe VST Amp Rack can offer a lot of possibilities, but if you want a real good guitar sound, a good amp depending on the genre, the same for guitar, an SM57 and a good playing when recording should do the trick.


Very nice summary of the topic - although the proposals mentioned are generally known.
But the question was actually a different one.
No offense intended!

I’ve never use vst amp rack, so couldn’t answer your exact question sorry.

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If you’re asking what is the best digital modeling system the only modeling system I have found adequate are hardware based and are the products from Fractal Audio Systems. VSTi’s just can’t cut it. For starters I have not found the HiZ inputs on audio interfaces capable of properly getting the dynamics from passive guitar pickups correct from the beginning and it goes downhill from there.

In full disclosure I was a tube amp only player up until 3 years ago when I took the plunge into Fractal. Also, I’m not what is considered a Jazz purist. When I have seen jazz purists speak on the subject they are not satisfied with anything digital and only accept the sound of two or three amps one of which is no longer made and the others are expensive and hard to get. So you really you have to establish and be more specific what “Jazz Guitar” means to you to get a decent answer. Of course as others have stated, with a good set of chops anything can be forced to be passable in a pinch.

Scuffham Amps S-Gear. Very musical. Demo available, check it out!

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Very interesting contributions!
Many thanks for taking part!


I’m not offended at all. I always believe that you have to have a little idea or a certain pre-audition of what you want to sound like and it’s not that easy to get, because there is a big difference between the Live sound and that resulting from a recording even if it is done with a good amp, a good guitar and a good microphone.

On the other hand, if you use your guitar directly plugged into a high impedance connector of your audio interface, it would still be good to have a good PreAmp in an Insert of your audio track. Your interface also has preamps, but they tend to be very transparent, so adding a PreAmp like the Arturia Pre TridA helps add some saturation and warmth to the guitar sound.

Afterwards, it’s all a matter of taste and I believe Cubase has it all. I like using AmpSimulator, there is a huge choice of sounds in this plugin. VST Amp Rack also offers you a wide choice of amps and cabinets. Personally, I don’t use the pre and post effects, nor the EQ in the Master section. I prefer to make my own choices regarding pre and post-effects which will not necessarily be Steinberg plugins, the same for equalization. It depends on the sound I want to achieve.

If you need more than one amp to get the sound you want, why not…

I often use EQ-P1A and VintageCompressor to shape the sound of the guitar or Solid EQ and Solid Dynamics. Steinberg Squasher is magical when used well. I often use it last to highlight everything.

P.S. Le pou has fantastic free amplifiers.

The site doesn’t seem secure, but there isn’t really a problem.

I’m sorry, I didn’t intend to “offend” - that was obviously a false translation (I was using DeepL from German to English :partying_face:)

Your opinion is very welcome!

I downloaded the trial - you are right - very good sound!!
I will give it a trial for the left 10 days of free offer.
Thanks for the tip!

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Amps by (Igor) Nembrini - he does all the better Brainworx amps as well.

I have gotten very decent jazz guitar results from NI Guitar Rig’s Jazz Chorus amp. Once in context, no one would be able to tell it was a virtual amp.