Any METAGRID Experts Out There PLEASE Help..

Trying to set it up with CB 10, and having no luck. The video instructions show different things that I am seeing, starting with a single XML when in fact the current download has 3 of them, etc. Just not sure where to install things and what to do afterwards. I have the app connected via WI FI, but no buttons are working of course because of the install problem.

If anyone would have the patience to give me a step by step on how to get this up and running I would be forever grateful, this is a killer app and so frustrating not to be able to use it.

Thanks so much


Yes 3 Generic Remotes is normal for Metagrid. For starting off just stick to App Specific Commands in the
Metagrid Action Queue and you won’t need to mess with them at all. When you want to include Cubase Macros, LE & PLE Presets then you’ll need the Generic Remote.

Metagrid comes with a bunch of example buttons designed for Cubase. Are you saying that none of these are working (e.g. you hit the play button and nothing plays)? If so, that implies that the iPad and Cubase are not communicating. Check your Metaserver install/setup and also your virtual midi port config. Verify that all of your 3 generic remotes have their midi in & out set to the Cubase virtual port you created (not the midi virtual port).

The manual does have step-by-step instructions for doing most stuff (including Metaserver setup) so maybe look at it instead of videos.

One last warning. Every once in awhile Metaserver forgets its midi port assignments and sets them to random ports (or none). So if it suddenly stops communicating, check that first.

It is super cool once you get it going.

What I’m saying is from STEP ONE, I am lost. I have no buttons working though the iPAD sees my Mac.
I have done everything the manual says to do (it’s not really much actually) and nothing is happening.

I have done this:

And this:

And these are the app specific files that you download (video only shows one)

I am not completely positive where you put those, although as I understood, you just make remotes for each one.

Not working!!

BTW I’m on Mac…

Take a deep breath.

Reread the last sentence of the 2nd paragraph of my response above.

Look at the first image in your last post.

Actually, what fixed things, at last, was an undocumented aspect not in the manual. At the top of your Mac screen, the little icon for the Metaserver has a setup menu and unless Cubase is checked, it doesn’t work, obviously lol

What I am finding now is that key command actions DO work, but choosing a menu command like QUANTIZE from the preset list that comes with the program does not, only if I set up a KEY COMMAND in ACTION for Quantize will it work. Not sure if it’s because the built in template is made for Cubase 9 rather than 10.

No the 9 stuff works fine with 10, it’s just missing new commands or changes to the key Command set a couple of items. That ends up not being too big a deal as it’s easy enough to add these one-off using the Generic Remote (but you don’t want to go there yet).

Can you post some screen captures of your Metagrid Action Queue for Quantize both the way that worked and the way that didn’t. I needed to ask myself, but pressing the home button and power button at the same time takes the pic on iOS.

FYI, I’m on a PC not a Mac. The virtual port setup is different & I don’t know how that works on a Mac. But once you are talking to Cubase things should be the same.

FYI-2, we do encourage folks here to put there DAW specs in their forum signatures so folks can take into account your computing environment.