Any MIDI editor tricks to join adjacent notes?

I’ve got a midi sequence where the durations are not right- it’s basically all back-to-back 16th notes where there should be eighth notes.

Does anyone know any MIDI editor tricks that will allow me to join the adjacent “double” notes into one?

So I might have 16th notes:


I want to make eighth notes:

C - D - E - F


Select the notes, quantize to eights, MIDI menu/Functions/Delete Doubles, then right click to display quantize to eights.

we used to be able (ancient versions of Cubase Score) to Cntrl Click the notes to change their lengths (not just their displayed lengths) to the quantize value. Maybe someone can weigh-in with a way to accomplish this.

Thanks! Quantize doesn’t seem to be behaving the way I expected it to, guess I’ll have to do some googling to learn how to use the tool!

I now see a “glue” tool…I wonder if there’s a way to automate that? Hmmm…

This is a job for the Logical Editor. See attached pic, and have a look at:


How to Use The Logical Editor in Cubase