Any More updates for Cubase 12 users?

I remember when new versions came out there was always an update or 2 for the previous version.
Has that been phased out? Does Steinberg no longer support previous versions?
IIRC I seen mentions about .5 versions and new update rules etc… but it would be nice to know since many are holding off on updating…
or point me to the right thread that has the answer cause search found none.
ftr Last 12 update was over a year ago…


The latest Cubase 12 update is 12.0.70 released on June 28, 2023.

Cubase 12 is fully supported.

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There is usually one update of the previous version. Sometimes just before the next version is released and sometimes just after but I don’t remember seeing a final release this far into a new version.

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Since we’re sharing, any more updates planned for Cubase 12 ?

Support and updates are two different things. 11 is still supported but there won’t be anymore updates