Any more updates for Nuage?

Are we going to see any more updates for Nuage or is it heading towards EOL status?

It seems odd to me that we’re having all these conversations about Nuendo 12 and I haven’t seen anything about Nuage since Nuendo was at version 10.

Anyone have any information regarding this?

Wow! Nothing?

I was looking at some recent videos on YouTube regarding the Avid S4 Controller. They are really upping their game on that gear. So much so, that it actually makes the Nuage Controller seem a little dated.

Granted, Avid is almost always pulling up the rear regarding most features. They act like they’ve INVENTED something that most other DAWs have been using for years. But with that said, the option knobs module on the S4 is really slick, especially because you can program the knob/faders to a specific set & forget location. I find the plugin map page on Nuage rather clunky and the fact that it doesn’t automatically launch the GUI when you go to that page is puzzling. The end result being that I just bypass it altogether and go straight to the GUI. So, seeing the GUI automatically launch the option knobs in the S4 really made me wonder again about Nuage.

Are we going to get any more updates or is there something new altogether in the pipeline?

Actually this is something I find very strage, too.
The Nuage seems to get little love from Yamaha. Maybe they did not sell enough units to justify the ongoing work on it?
We are actually thinking about buying a Nuage for a second large mix room (2 Fader, 1 Master with MMP1) and this stuff actually bothers me. No Firmware Updates in a long long time… Would love to be able to work with more remote Mic Pres like our Focusrite MP8R which is controllable via Midi commands. Our retailer actually told us that they are in the making of providing Midi control for stuff like that directly from the fader units. Either I am blind and cannot see how it works or it is not implemented, yet. It’s stuff like that that make you wonder.

I do think that it is a fantastic unit when working with Nuendo as your primary DAW, but Yamaha could be more active with marketing and development on this.

Would love to hear other Nuage owner on this topic. I know a couple here do use Nuage on a daily basis, @Fredo @icbsadds @Jean-Michel_B , others I don’t remember :wink:

The question is … what can be done in terms of upgrades.
Don’t forget that Nuage is just a remote for Nuendo. There is little to no DSP in Nuage, it is just an extention of Nuendo.
In other words, major changes can only be achieved when Nuendo undergoes major changes.
Traditionally there is a Nuage firmware update with every new Nuendo version to accommodate the changes and (if possible) the new features in the new version.

But I agree that as a user, you have the feeling that Yamaha development should be more on top of it.


I went straight to SB with this question. They said that there were NO UPDATES PLANNED FOR NUAGE RE N12. :slightly_frowning_face: There explanation was right in line with Fredo’s assessment.

No new Nuage update for Nuendo 12 – nothing major in Nuendo 12 that requires an update for Nuage.

But the Rep agreed that my issue with Nuage Mapping was valid.

I agree, the plugin mapping could use some work, I’ve already emailed Yamaha Japan about this and other things we could do better – waiting on Steinberg Germany and Yamaha Japan at this point

At least we can relax on the EOL Status. But, should we start a list of things we’d liked to see improved on Nuage for when they finally get around to updating it? Besides the plugin mapping issue, I would very much like the Colors enlarged, for easy reading in the Tracks Window.

I also don’t understand why there aren’t ANY numbers on the channel meter. To me, that’s like a ruler without numbers. You get the lines but no values for what each line means. That seems very odd to me.

Numbers clearly visible on Nuendo Channel

No numbers on the Nuage Channel and you need a magnifying glass to even read the LED.

I would like to color the meters as we can do it in Nuendo, for instance.

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The integration is almost too good, for example whenever there’s a confirmation window or select window in Nuendo , Nuage freezes just like Nuendo, so can’t move the cursor,select track,channel etc until you hit “save”," yes"," no" whatever the window says…