Any new OFFICIAL updates on the drivers for MacOS 11 Big Sur and the M1 chips?

Of course, we work on updates to support Apple Silicon (and Big Sur). However, there are still a few things to iron out and this is why I cannot provide an estimation on a release date yet, unfortunately.
I expect more information to be available in the coming weeks.


Thank you Ed, hopefully you all will be able to iron out the issues quickly! Looking forward to being able to use my interface on my new Mac. I appreciate the hard work!

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When is it estimated that there will be drivers? It has been two months of waiting with the dead interface. In other brands the drivers were ready in summer, before Big Sur appeared in public

@Steinberg_Archived it’s jut incredible how bad you are in customer and user support. I wish I’d never invested my money in one of your devices. What is that so hard for you guys to “iron out”, that other companies have already solved?! It is NOT acceptable that you need so much time to at least release a beta version and to don’t want to help your paying customers!!! DO SOMETHING!!!

No need for blasting them. Be patient, or go buy another interface that works. That simple.

If you upgraded your computer or OS without knowing there was an available update for your interface, that’s on you. Especially if it’s affecting a professional workflow that makes you money. Shoulda known better.


As a workaround until the drivers are ready, you can use most of our audio interfaces in class compliant mode on the Apple Silicon systems. Yes, you’ll lose functionality but at least you have something to work with.

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Can someone please confirm the Big Sur compatibility issues are with the silicon systems only, not Intel? My UR22 mkII has stopped working with Mojave, which I was stuck on because it didn’t work with Catalina. Will it work with Big Sur if I upgrade or is that a problem too?

What is class compliant mode and how do I enable it? I am using the UR22 on a Mac Mini M1

Unfortunately, the first UR22 did not have the class compliant mode available. In your case, an official driver is needed to work.

@bushdoctor , at the moment, there is no official compatible release available for Big Sur. No matter whether it is an Intel based system or Apple Silicon.

My UR44 wants to go out of cc mode asap!! Please, I love my M1 Mac mini but I miss my direct monitoring…

I see. Please keep us updated about the development of drivers for the new Apple Silicone macs.

Cool, I’m out. Focusrite here I come.

I am sorry for the delay, but there’s finally updated information for both Intel-based and M1-based systems in the already existing compatibility article.

A new driver will be released in March that will offer M1 support and we will also continue to test the TOOLS packages to improve the compatibility and eventually release new TOOLS versions as well.

There are some known limitations with the current drivers/TOOLS which we describe in this additional article.

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Thank You!
Looking forward to a good working UR44 on my M1 machine

Just to be clear: There won’t be any Apple M1 drivers for the regular Steinberg UR22 in the future, meaning it will never be compatible with M1 Macs so I can basically throw it away?

No, there will be UR22 support according to what Ed said.

Indeed. And this is how it is listed in the compatibility chart.

oh okay because the list only contains the UR22 C, I thought that would exclude the original UR22. But that’s good news then!

I’m new to the forum, but am very frustrated. I stupidly got bought a new M1 Mac for Christmas, and then expected it to work with my stuff. I suppose what I didn’t expect is that it would take so many months to write a USB driver. When Apple released the code for the M1 months before the release, as Apple do not want to be blamed by its users for equipment that does not run on its devices I would have thought that hardware companies would have thought ‘we have hundreds of thousands of folk in the world with our products, lets make sure they work’
I assume I am very niave in expecting my interface to work, but it is now march and still no USB driver. again not being a software writer I do not understand how the I & O’s cannot be transferred from the Analogue to Digital chip in the UR 22 interface and shot down my USB cable into my Mac.