Any news about new controller?

I know that for a long time the CC121 can only be found on eBay (very expensive) because it has been discontinued. I don’t want to buy one on eBay because if I buy a used one I would prefer to wait for a new version.

I have been reading on the forum that some recommend using Presonus Faderport V2, but if Steinberg plans to release something I would prefer to use it.

If anyone has any news about whether they are working on it, it would be very kind to share it.

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FWIW, prices for CC121 have dropped significantly on eBay within the past few months. Mostly from Japan. I got mine a couple of years ago that way after the deeply annoying demise of my MC Control, and it’s been great. Back then prices were hovering around $500/600+; as of right now they’re more around $400, some a little lower, some a little higher. I’m very happy with mine!


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Still in the $400 which is way more than what it should be for such an old unit but it is what it is. Faderport + downloading a Cubase script works pretty well.

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