Any news on the wet/dry fix on Reverence?

I am getting tired of not being able to use this reverb in so many situations. It originally allowed us to use the wet/dry controls, now it’s stuck at 100%. Any news on a fix?

Will it be fixed with the next update? This great reverb became absolutely useless for my workflow :frowning:

In the meantime…
why couldn’t u run it as an effects rail ( channel )?
then u can ad and cut as needed still.

I rather think not as it’s so large that it’s better used as a send FX. There were probably a lot of problems with users using it on a track by track basis whose systems kept maxing out and they didn’t know why.
If it is the case they really should tell you though as I know nobody believes any other posters when they point these things out. Would save arguments.
I’d argue for an option but the developers may not be in a hurry to do that as people tend to get mixed up and leave these things on or off when they didn’t intend to and, because the program is so large and there’s so much to remember, they just can’t work out for a (sometimes critical) while just what they did to their DAW. I know, I’ve done these things myself.
Sorry I’m a bit negative but just trying to point out what might be the mind-set.