Any Non-White Color Themes For The New Forum?

The high contrast of the color scheme for the new forum is hard on my eyes. Is there any way to select a different, lower-contrast color scheme? If not now, perhaps in the future.

I realize I can adjust my monitor, but it’s set perfectly for all my other uses. I’d hate to have to switch every time I want to look at the Dorico forum, which is, uh, several times a day.

There isn’t a lower-contrast white preference, but the WCAG Dark mode is black and grey and possibly easier on the eye.

Thanks Leo. What pray tell is the WCAG Dark mode? Is it a forum mode, and if so how do I change it? I haven’t been able to find any alternate mode I can select.

Actually it’s the regular dark one I’m thinking of.

Click your profile picture in the top right corner, and you’ll see a popup with tabs. Click the one furthest to the right - the head and shoulders - then click Preferences. Towards the bottom of the main window you’ll find a menu item called Interface. Within that section you can set the colour scheme for the forum.

I tried to change my Google theme but it only affects the bars at the top of Chrome, not the web pages.

Okay, thanks, found it. The regular Dark theme works best for me. I can’t understand how I missed that when I tried to find the color mode function in my account. Oh to be 35 again!

I’m 32, thank you very much :wink:

Double that, add 3 for me.

Oh, that’s much better. I did find the White quite harsh and less easy to visually search.

I have my entire system set to dark mode and changing the Interface setting to Dark was one of the first things I did here. I prefer ‘regular’ dark to WCAG dark, as the latter has a much higher contrast which for me defeats the purpose of the restful dark mode. Now I can spend even more hours behind the computer! :pleading_face:

Agreed regarding regular Dark mode.