Any of these in Nuendo 7


Still on N6.5 … Plus I have Cubase Pro 8 … and I have to confess to getting a bit frustrated at the direction of development in Nuendo. It’s still highly derivative of Cubase but costs so much more and the differences just don’t seem to be going in the direction I need at least.

OK ADR was a huge thing, as was integration with Nuage ( out of my league btw ) but how about some features that actually help manage a post mix… admittedly the way I do it. are any of these in V 8 for instance?

Sortable Track list ( maybe role assignments too )
Make moving clips between tracks one-click simple
Smart tool
Export mix to video ( re render the video if it’s several clips )
Clip based effect inserts
Built in noise reduction processes … Pro quality
Built in Spectral editing
proper Mono to Stereo conversion/ splitting/ combining
Vocalign type functionality.

These would really seperate Nuendo IMO.

and it’s insane only to have AAF import in Nuendo and not in Cubase Pro…

Maybe I’m just grumpy today… :unamused:

Built in Spectral editing

I’m asking for this since 2005, I think - or even longer than that. :imp:

… e.g.


Great Ideas. Here are my ideas:

These are all great ideas too … 'Cept the one about every cut in the timeline creating a new region in the pool! That drives me mad in PT … Funny how we are all different . Could easily be an option though. Almost every one of these has made me sigh at some point! And they seem so obviously in need of fixing!

I do a lot of video work in Final Cut Pro X and despite its rocky release. Apple have done an incredible job at working the interface to do the job which is at hand 90% of the time. Once you understand the flow the App ( and stop trying to do things the ‘old’ way ) it just gets out of the way. The time saved is incredible …

But I’ve learned it’s not just time. It’s less tension, frustration… hell its made Video editing fun again!

Come on Steinberg … it’s not just about new features … If Nuendo is about Post Production it’s about understanding the job from beginning to end.( not just the big budget, multi department workflows … Remember the majority of one stop shops living in the trenches! ). Please let’s get every action that takes 3 steps and make it 1. Tim’s list is terrific … Take it to heart.

Oh, Spectral Editing too please. ( Dialog … )

Nice lists; great features…

But one thing - if you do, please don’t limit any ‘VocAlign’ type feature to being just another big-ticket Nuendo only item… This Cubase user in particular, would really love to use it too…! :slight_smile: