Any of you at or near Oklahoma city devistation?

Whilst I know its easier to say than to do, if it were down to me, and I lived through that experience there, I’d be mighty inclined to move somewhere safer… just sayin’ .

That’s a fact which was overlooked by the media up here, or I just missed it - thanks. All the more reason to question the safety of choice of locale.

Good point, but then thinking about it, the % of US land mass that is immune from natural disasters is probably quite small, at least where major population centers are - entire Gulf and East coasts see hurricanes … Midwest gets Tornados … West Coast gets earthquakes, with predictions of a giant tsunami overdue … we should maybe all live w/ Curteye (those volcanos ARE dormant, right? :laughing:).

Arizona, no earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes. Gets a little warm in the summer and we seem to have more than our fair share of crazy politicians. A large number of cloud data farms are located here because of the lack of natural disasters.

We moved here from Norman, Oklahoma where we lived one mile from the National Severe Storms Laboratory so located because it is the most likely spot in the world to get hit by a tornado. Never happened while we were there. My sister in Moore has come close twice now. This time good friends across the street lost everything.