Any of you at or near Oklahoma city devistation?

Horrible news. :frowning:

Suppose that it is later discovered that a small group of terrorists were killed, and that they were planning an attack that would have killed hundreds of people?

Would it then be so horrible?

Bill, what the he!! does that have to do with this? Are you looking for attention or something? I don’t get you lately or what you are looking to achieve in this forum posting the things you are.

And all the homes and businesses destroyed… :frowning:

Do you know me, that you use my name? Perhaps that is my name, but you do not know me.

It has to do with alternate points of perspective. These are the things that humans dwell upon.

For you, concentration upon the downside is all that you’re able to muster, along with most others.

For me, I try to visualize different viewpoints that might not be so negative. For me, there are different possible outcomes that might be more positive, or more in line with day to day reality.

You really should try it sometime.

I don’t get you lately

Don’t sell yourself short, mate. You’ve never gotten me. Join the crowd.

Well, Bill, I have followed you for years on forums and if you don’t remember, we worked together too. Are you are telling me how you have carried yourself for years in forums is a completely different person than you are?

I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings by saying you need attention, even though that is how I feel based on what you post. You may need a different place for commiseration as devils advocate personalities sometimes do more harm than good, especially the way you in particular are carrying yourself lately and that is for you to decide.

Good luck on your quest for alternate positive perceptions.

My sister and brother-in-law live Moore. They can see the 7-11 where three died from their front yard. They were both at work and are safe. Their house had a 2 x 4 through the roof but no broken windows. The house and yard are covered in mud and debris. They are assisting neighbors and friends in recovering whatever parts of their lives can be found.

The positive side of alternate viewpoints vindicates itself:

There was a strand of good news Tuesday: Authorities dramatically reduced the confirmed death toll after earlier reporting that at least 51 people had died Monday.

The official toll now stands at a revised 24.

You can suppose whatever you want.

My comments were to express compassion for the victims.

Well, looks like it’s now down to 24. That’s a much better outcome than was expected earlier.

Wow, sounds like you live in a war zone!

I’ve spent time in the SF bay area. Never once got the finger, or worse.

Maybe people don’t like your face? :laughing:

I’ve seen the same behavior from rural folks. There’s nothing in particular that makes them special.

:laughing: So silly…

This characterization of the Bay Area is not true at all. I live in San Francisco. People are as friendly or not friendly as anywhere else. This poster has been running this non sense in these forums for years. Poster steadfastly refuses to acknowledge that perhaps his own discomfort with others is the real issue. San Francisco is one of the most visited cities in the world. Unlikely people come and return to get the finger. As a sales rep I’ve worked the area the poster lives in, the Foothills and cites along Hwy 49 east of Sacramento. Going into small towns you find all sorts ; mostly friendly and some not. I tend to try and make eye contact wherever I go and smile if practical. Most people respond whether, small town , SF, Phila, Boston or NY. I dont find that much difference .

Hard to understand why some folks can’t see their life conclusions in practical terms such as “I’m uncomfortable around people who don’t look like me” or “I don’t like strange areas” or “When I frown at people or act standoffish they frown back and act standoffish -so they’re bad people” . Instead there seems to be a need to label entire sections of a state as horror lands. I just hope no one believes this at all.

I agree with you on this 100%.

Clearly you’ve never actually spent any time here. New Yorkers, in fact, are some of the nicest people I’ve met, and I’ve traveled all over the US and the world. I find that I get from people, in almost all cases, exactly the same type of attitude I give to them. Since I am a very charming and sincere person, almost all of the people I meet treat me extremely well, and with a great deal of respect.

My recent surgery and stay in the hospital netted me not only a new lease on life, but my doctors and nurses are now my friends. I just spent most of today helping one of my caregivers to build his DAW, at no charge. He helps me also, because we are friends. Since I live in the NY area, and have most of my life, I find your suggestion utterly ridiculous and insulting.

If I possessed as poor a memory as you do, about people whom I presumed to know, I would not be in such a hurry to parade it about, as it would simply amplify my appearance of ignorance.

I always appreciate the amateur psychoanalysis of those who can’t even master the language they’ve been raised from childhood with. I actually feel better now, and I wasn’t even on a couch. Do I have to send you some money now? :question:

Thanks. :laughing:

And all of this posturing is on topic :question:

And for the record, it’s “devastation”. :unamused:

And meanwhile, back in Oklahoma…

Its a major tragedy. Devastation for sure. I hope they can recover and rebuild with as little pain as possible. :sunglasses:

Some people may not know - a similarly large tornado devastated the same town some years ago. Some people have lost their house for the second time.