Any options for Realtime Audio to MIDI?

Anyone know of any workable, viable Audio to MIDI translation?

VST 3, and 64bit.

I download and tried DODO MIDI 2, but unfortunately it wouldn’t work with Cubase.

I also tried MIDI Guitar 2, and while it was awesome while it worked, unfortunately it was crashing like crazy.

So none of these would do the job.

The whole premise of the thing is to avoid a breath controller, and instead use either the whole performance (IF pitch tracking is good. Monophonic, polyphonic, doesn’t matter), OR to use the signal’s amplitude as a CC of choice for example. (I could make a feature request for a MIDI-Out in the Pitch Correct plug-in, but even my own nerve has its limits :sweat_smile:)

Easily possible? Pipe-dream? Cough up 360 euros for a breath controller and quit my whining? What do you say?

I’ve tried MIDI Guitar 2 and it never crashed, at least for me, on Windows 10. If it does what you want, perhaps it’s best to try find the root cause of the crash. The only reason I haven’t continued using it (for guitar) is that I still use an AXON AX 100 (hardware) converter.

A hardware guitar-to-MIDI converter is one option you might consider, but I expect these are all optimized for guitar (you haven’t specified what type of audio).

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I don’t know, maybe it’s the trial version that crashes? Tried it in Cubase 13 by the way, I don’t know if it matters.

I’m open to what type of audio could be converted. While the pitch detection in MIDI guitar was good enough to allow me satisfactory vibratos, I’m not dead set on a guitar → MIDI solution. I’m not that good of a guitar player.

Even a mono voice would do.

To put it otherwise: I can do a pass singing over a synth, pass it through Variaudio, extract MIDI from there, then see what I can do. I’m interested to see if this could be done in real time instead, without the need to pass through Variaudio at a second stage.