Any plans for multi-track Elastique'?

Just wondering if this is in the plan book for the future of Cubase. Mucho Gracias!

Anyone anything?

Don’t tell me that I’m the only one that cares about this.

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what you’re asking for so I don’t know if I should ‘care about this’ :wink:

What is ‘multitrack elastique?’ I can use elastique on every track in my project if I need to. So I’m sure I’m not understanding the feature you desire.

Say you record a drummer…8 mics or so but it’s really complicated drumming and the only way to edit the tracks is by group slip editing. Unfortunately this leaves a ton of artifacts behind. It would be amazing if you could activate a phase accurate multi track elastique time stretch where if you warp one of the tracks, the rest in the group do the same. Same with layered guitars with multiple microphones on them… Tighten up the takes by warping the grouped takes. Currently, slip editing is the only way to do this and it just leaves so many artifacts behind.

If things are that bad just learn to play better.

Or better yet “Don’t try to play things you cant play.” Unfortunately everyone is biting off way more than they can chew.
And might I add that there are plenty of other reasons for multi-track elastique’ aside from fixing bad musicians.

Ahhh… I see what you’re getting at. You want to warp a whole group of tracks instead of one at a time. Yes, I think that would be really cool.

You got it! I’m pretty sure in the coding it works like that because you can tempo change a whole project and whatnot… I’m sure it wouldn’t be that hard for Steinberg to push it a little bit further.

Isn’t the point of a lot of DAW tech to make us all better than we really are? What’s variaudio for if not that? Quantize? Step record? Comping? Pretty much everything a DAW is about is making it easy to achieve what we could’t before on tape.

Probably not the actual case here but it seems a pity that computers’ musicianship currently is improving at a greater rate than human musicianship.
The tools we have make things easy enough. Any more “improvements” and we’d have nothing to do all day except write in to forums suggesting better ways of not doing anything. :mrgreen:
The real creative types are actually going back to tape because it’s only on tape you get real creativity and musicianship without doubting that it’s been doctored to hell and back to make some loonytuneless look like he’d done it all himself. :mrgreen:

While I couldn’t agree more with your statement and am completely disgusted with the current trends in “real music”, I’m just wondering if other people could find this useful and if anyone at Steinberg will chime in on it. Please guys, lets not turn this into a “people should learn how to play” thread. Thanks all!

Sorry, gotta get ONE more thought in. I believe the role of technology in art of any kind (photoshop, final cut, avid, cubase, etc.) is to allow artists to realize their dreams and work without limitations. Suggesting that tech should do less and people should just learn to play better is just plain… yuck. It makes me angry to hear that kind of talk. It sounds like old people talking about how kids these days have it so easy. Sheesh.

When I understood what you were asking for, I could immediately see how it would be useful both as a corrective factor and as a creative tool.

I’m for it. :wink:

Oh man… I really hope a flame war doesn’t happen.

Hi guys
In my opinion there is no argument. We already have had free warp on mono and stereo for ages. It makes perfect sense for this feature to mature into “multi track warping”

It is possible to up to 6 tracks in cubase using surround 5.1 wave files. Check it out it works!

Excellent idea, and a natural extension of the “track grouping” workflow :slight_smile:

High Five on that! I wish I could get away with only using 6 mics on drums… I’d definitely do the surround warp workaround… It has to be entirely possible for SB to just incorporate a way for grouped tracks to be warped just how a surround track does.

erm… why do you want to manually warp drums…?
in C6 you have Drum Multi Editing (quantizing with no phase problems!) It´s very fast, good results.

Other daws have had this feature for quite a while now, and many engineers I know choose when to use which method. There are times when beats played too early just cut into the decay of a ringing cymbal and the cut/crossfade method just doesn’t cut it.(sorry :blush: )

Also, anything can be multitracked, not only drums so for any multimike set up where you want to free warp your audio its a must have feature.

If the cymbal is hit a fraction early compared to say a kick that was hit on time how does multi track warp help?
It would move the rest by the same ammount and the the cymbol would be on time and the Kick late.
If the cymbol was isolated in time then the existing methods work better.
Just dont see the practical use at all.