Any preset of logical edit disabled

On cubase pro 9.0.30 PC,
any preset of logical edit are disabled, even the initials presets from product.
i’m not the only one with this problem, i ask about this problem on a french mailing list of cubase …

here are some snapshot :
On the folder preset/Logical edit i have this folders (only initial installation folders) :

But on the menu, some folders are not displayed and preset stay in gray :
(translate : Guitar container is selected but the preset stay in gray, disabled)

And on the editor i have :
(translate : sub-menu of folder preset are not displayed)

It’s a bug ?

Best regard
logical edit - menu.jpg
logical edit - editor.jpg
logical edit - folder.jpg

I was a bit confused over this trying to get aquanted with Logical Editor.

Solution was to select at least one clip. Unless it has something to work on, it seems to be disabled.

It was the same with Project Logical Editor which is odd - since it works on a full project.

Hello Larioso …

See at 2# snapshot, guitar midi container was selected, you could see that there is some midi event,
but the the preset stay disabled …

Before Cubase pro 9 i had cubase 6.5 and i have to used very often the logical edit …

sorry for my bad english but i try to translate “aquanted” i don’t find it in a “on line translator”
i don’t know what is mean …

Don’t worry. my spelling is worse than your english. :wink:

I have no solution, I’m afraid.

It should be working, it’s working here. To trouble-shoot this, what happens when you start with an empty project,
and add one midi track,
and then add some notes inside it?

Larioso, he has a midi part selected.

Yes, pardon my french, I don’t even understand french arrows. :smiley:

Is it an unusuall spot “E:\program files…” or something?

Have all previous Cubase versions been installed on E-drive?
I always sense trouble deviating from default drive.

Does these locations need special authorizing for UAC, or?

Hm… are there any files in the directories? Je crois c’est possible- est-ce-que ils sont vides les dossiers?

Hello Steve,

There is xml files in all the folders.
Someone say to me that i have to hide preference file … but i dont find them

Larioso : i install all my programs in E: hard disk.
and i uninstall all my old cubase
Only the vst sound are on C:

what is UAC ?
All programs, i install on E: work well …

OK !!!

I find the solution …
There is 2 folders preset !!!

1 - one on : Program File\Steinberg\Cubase 9

2 - other one on : users%user%\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 9_64\Presets

Cubase dont read the first one (on Program File), this folders seems to contain only the initial files ?!?

On the second folder, i dont no why but the presets\logical edit folders was all empty
So i copied all the initials xml files in the second folders and now it’s work well …

Hi again
Good to know that it works - I will probably use when main OS drive becomes full.

UAC - user account control - just about rights for logged in user to read, write and execute programs in various locations.
On main C-drive you are not allowed to write to \program files\ unless you have elevated rights like an installer has.
But if you used this for a long time, this is not a problem most likely. Thought if this was new to C9.

To be sure I would search all disks if there are duplicates of these folders - so Cubase looks somewhere where there are no xml files?
Uninstall does not wipe everything.
Just guessing around a bit…weird issue…

Ha !!!
ok Larioso, a long time ago, i’ve disabled UAC !!!

Why this folders was empty ??? that is the question !!
And i know that others users having the same problem … (i discuss about this problem on a french mailing list about cubase …)

Good you solved it, while I was still writing obviously.

If to guess again, something to do with uninstalling. Just remove some files, not folders themselves so much.

I always feared doing other than default install of audio stuff - and still have 100 GB free on OS drive to install more.
But all content for samplers and recorded stuff etc are of different drives.

I think windows went overboard with all these different locations roaming this, non-roaming that etc. Who needs that, one wonders.
Install programs with less access rights makes sense, but the rest?