Any problems with Arturia V Collection 8 vst's changing pitch on Cubase stop commands?

I have just bought V Collection 8. I have NI Komplete S61 and Cubase 11 running through a U-Phoria UMC204HD. I have a major problem in that whenever I stop Cubase either via the computer or by the NI S61 keyboard the vst preset in Arturia is somehow receiving random edit commands. The main one being it changes the preset pitch, usually up a few notes. It has also messed with the modulation setting a few times adjusting the speed faster. The only way around the problem so far is to go back into the vst and re-select the preset which re-sets it . But it keeps happening all the time making the purchase unusable at the moment. I have not had this problem with any Cubase product or freebie vst’s I have downloaded. previously. Does anyone know what is going on? I have reached out to Arturia but am asking the same here in case anyone else can shed any light on the problem.
Many thanks.

Hi there,

Set a track into record and do your stop action a few times. (Or use something like MIDI Ox). To see exactly what data your stop command is sending out.

You can then either turn off that feature or filter it out.

Is it only happening with certain synths?

You may find that the pitch bend and/or mod wheel are sending out sporadic data when other controls are hit.

Hi Phil,

Apologies for not replying sooner. Thank you for your suggestions. I have downloaded Midi Ox and will have a good look at it for future reference. Someting else to learn my way around.

For the benefit of anyone else who might have the problem I had at any stage;
Arturia came back to me and suggested shutting the DAW, opening the Arturia Software Centre and navigating to the Product Detail panel (in the instrument) and expanding the lower right drop down list to select ‘Clean Prefs’. I did this on all of the V Collection 8 instruments individually for good measure to reset them all.

However the problem started to reoccur when I reopened the ‘test’ project I had been using in Cubase 11. So after a bit of thought I opened a brand new project recreating the test parts and everything was fine. The problem I had was glitching in the original project I was using which I will now delete. It was very frustrating but it was a useful learning curve.

Thanks once again,