Any reason to move to Cubase pro 10 from pro 9????/

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I use cubase mainly for recording and composing using midi keys. Sometimes I create some short multitracks (and master them), though it is relatively rare.

I have Cubase 9 pro. Should I move to Cubase 10 or there is nothing which I can not handle without? Thank you!

no there is no reason to upgrade unless you want the newest and most shiny version. Cubase 9.5 is great and super stable and it will give you a good workflow for years to come. It is hardly big jumps in features and workflow in such an established product like Cubase imo. Are you thinking of upgrading later anyways then you might as well do it now so the cost of upgrade spreads out.

Do you need integrated audio align?`
Do you need mixer snapshots?
Do you use variaudio 2? well now there is version 3
Do you need a more eye-pleasing channel strip?
Do you need Groove Agent 5 SE over v4?
Do you need simplified sidechain?

those are some of the biggest changes for me in Cubase 10… so for me nothing special, I updated anyway as I like to explore new things :slight_smile:

Pro 10 is nothing for you.

If you feel like losing your eyesight, go ahead


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