any reason to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro?

has anyone found good reasons to move to Win 10 Pro?

I find it quicker, looks better, and the start setup is much more how I felt it should be.

Only if you ever want to install anything new, or update any program or plugin. Personally I think it’s the best WinOS ever.

Can’t see any compelling reason to go Win 10 at the moment to rush into it like lemmings going over a cliff, even though it’s “free”. That is until a machine is upgraded. There’s no serial number with Windows 10, it seems that it’s tied to the machine and CPU ID it’s installed onto so, if you build another machine In a few months it means buying a new retail copy of Windows 10.

Apart from being the biggest mass surveillance program in history (since FB) Microsoft are already rolling out the adverts into the start menu so, amongst the program you’ll probably find find adverts (ATM depending what country your in) and links to the new Disney film and pay as you go on line games, no doubt they be pushing that revenue source to the limit ASAP to reimburse the cost of the “free” upgrade.

It wasn’t a good experience here after the update and a roll back to Windows 7 was quite quickly undertaken. Best Service advised, (after issues with licensing on some of their products) to let the whole OS mature before adopting it and that seems sensible.

Some people have found it works really well and that’s encouraging though, others have not. Seeing how long it took SB to get it right with 8/8.1 does not actually instill confidence either, and, it’s too easy to shift blame onto MS and the OS when apps don’t run as expected. Studio 1-3 works well but that’s not the primary daw for many, so, the jury’s still out on the whole update yet…

I just realized that my post is very unclear. I have already done the free upgrade to windows 10 home premium. My question is does anyone see any reason to upgrade from windows 10 home premium two windows 10 professional?

thank you

More ram for better performance, more options to customise, stop auto updates and more. Just like earlier releases really.

Windows Pro is all about company usage. Doesn’t differ in performance or anything like that.

Some home users might also enjoy Remote Desktop Connection and Bitlocker encryption.

You also get Hyper-V for virtual machines and Group Policy management which the geeks among us might appreciate.