any recommendations: antivirus for daw?

My computer now needs to be used online for a number of reasons…dropbox, soundcloud and Skype, etc…
So hence I need a low impact but reliable antivirus software.
The computer has plenty of over power (HP Z800 WS).
Does anyone have any recommendations?
Running Cubase, Wavelab and other general daw tools.

I use the included defender (Windows 10), no issues (yet).

Running Win 7 with Microsoft Security Essentials here. No issues at all. And it is free :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Same here been using it for years on all my (too many) PCs. My DAW was custom built for audio by ADK and that’s what they installed. Don’t pay for third party product when MS gives it to you for free. All the anti-virus providers share their virus profiles with each other so one doesn’t catch something the others don’t (with the possible exception of a brand new virus for a day or two).

I’ve been using eSet for years and it has never interfered with any of my audio programs. Not free, but I feel it is definitely worth the price. :sunglasses:


i use returnil or deep frreeze virtual system. i find it better than an intrusive AV. each reboot is a fresh system.

Best AV is between your ears :wink:

You can run the best graded commercial product, but with an outdated flash/ java you still run the risk of being compromised…

As stated above, use the native windows product and be smart with the links you click…

my 2 cts…

I work as a network engineer and information security is part of my job for more than 10 years.

I would not install or use any antivirus software on a DAW at all.

Why no antivirus?

  1. They are insufficient/ineffective with todays trojans. They won’t detect the version of the virus you just got. Also, no need to scan in-the-box since there are free online scanning antivirus services. Note though that ALL AV-software are more or less worthless since they do not detect the latest versions of trojans. I have seen this happen a lot of times. Ask any professional IT security person. AV software does NOT make you safe. If you are unsure of a file, just scan it somewhere else first, before installing it. But first, ask yourself why you want to to execute a file that you are unsure of in the first place…
  2. AV software eats alot of computer resources and they will/may interrupt real time tasks when you least want it to. Yes, it still happens.

What should I do then?!

  1. Don’t install Adobe Flash or Java. 4 of 5 exploits use Flash. For real. Take a look at this jpg:

  2. Install a browser (like Firefox) which supports Adblock (uBlock Origin or Adblock Plus) and a JavaScript blocker + Flash blocker.

  3. Don’t install “unknown” software/freeware using adware/bloatware. Even Java installers comes with adware!

  4. If you really need to stay connected to the Internet, always do it behind a real external firewall (any good router will do just fine).

  5. Disable autorun for external USB disks (or don’t allow clients to connect their own USB disks of any kind directly to your DAW).

Most important:
6. Without a doubt the most important part. DO AUTOMATIC NIGHTLY/REGULAR BACKUPS. And store data backup data some where else! Be sure not to loose more than one day of recordings if you get robbed or the studio sets on fire. Try to RESTORE something atleast a couple of times a year so that you know that the backups actually work. You’d be surprised how many times the restore option of backups didn’t work…

Extra option:
7. If you need to surf the Internet on your DAW, do all websurfing via a webproxy which scans all webtraffic. Some routers include a webproxy. There are free webproxy-servers but they all need some knowledge to setup correctly.
Let all the scanning be done outside of the box - in your firewall/proxy.

Also: Mac users are NOT safe anymore. They should do the same.

Thanks for that msy. It echoes and adds some sensible ideas to my thoughts about Anti Virus software and running a DAW.

The regularity of backup being the single most important habit to develop. I, like many others don’t do it regularly enough. I do have a spare drive in the computer for backup and an external drive for backup.

Just my opinion, but I wouldn’t connect my DAW machines to the Internet for anything other than updates, and even then, only for updates that I couldn’t download to another machine and install independently of being connected. Basically, connect only when you absolutely have to. If you control what your machine is exposed to, you don’t need AV.

Assuming your DAW machine is your only computer, as cheap as computers have gotten, I’d suggest getting a basic machine without many bells and whistles…Just what you need to connect…And use that machine for your Internet work.


I would recommend that you go for Kaspersky antivirus for basic protection. Kaspersky Anti-Virus is the smarter way to protect your PC including daw tools… to help keep you safe from viruses, spyware & Trojans – and help stop ransomware locking up all your files.

In my opinion use the best available (I use the icluded one from Microsoft).

Then make sure you exclude everything Cubase touches like folders where your sample libraries resides, project files etc etc.
I also excluded all .DLL files, I do a fullscan once a month or so and keep out of the internet from my DAW machine, and last but not least…

Do not use cracked software!!! and your reasonable good to go!

Why Kaspersky in particular?

I doubt HarryAdams is anything but a spambot- maybe a human one, from the wording of that post. “…the smarter way to protect everything on your PC” only an adman could possibly say those words in that order. :wink: :open_mouth:

I use the stuff that comes with the OS, I’m sure nothing else is needed.

I felt it only fair to goad somewhat, Steve.

Yup on both counts.

All the different viruses that are ID’d are shared between the different antivirus companies so they all (potentially) find the same stuff.

heh, indeed. I’ll wait a bit before banning the account… Maybe they’ll turn over a new leaf and respond. :smiley: