Any Recommendations on Software for kids to learn music?

I’m looking for a software for kids to learn music. The Basic stuff, rhythm, a little bit of notation, etc.

I want my 8 years old niece to learn this when I’m not with her (I think she really have potential)

Any recommendations?

What about a piano/epiano and some lessons?

I really feel the beginning of any students journey should be led by another human being. Bad habits can be learned very easily and be hard to break without guidance.

The struggle now is that she is very shy with other people and definitely DON’T Walt to go to a music school, but she likes when I teach her something.

So, I’m trying to teach her a little almost every weekend but I’m no music (although I was a digital audio teacher) and she doesn’t do nothing in the week (and also can’t see her in the week)

My hope is that after a while she feels more confident so her parents can send her to a music school or hire a proper music teacher.

BTW, she had only a tablet and a pc, not an iPad :frowning:

Maybe instead of software, help her with critical listening skills … give her fun pieces of music to listen to during the week, and ask age-appropriate questions like … “does it get faster?”, “does it get louder?”, “how many voices do you hear?”, etc. Solidify all that during the weekend when you see her, then just build from there.

The best part about doing it that way is that you can keep up the human interaction during the week when you can’t see her in person, Skype, etc. Lots more fun, “Tuesday night with Uncle Distante”, and you won’t seem so distante M-F that way! :slight_smile:

Right now what I’m doing is mostly “teaching” her songs, she have really good ears and catch almost instantly any melody. And I’m try to learn the songs she likes so I can play those in my guitar while she sings with me. :mrgreen:

I will see how to manage a Tuesday night class :smiley:

pd: She told me about some software for music that she saw, that’s why I start to look for one!

As per Apple Logic Pro X or Garage Band are for 4 year old and up… Garage Band is super easy to learn. I mastered it in 1 hour. Logic is very similar. Easy to use. You start with the basics and master the software by 16-18 years old.

Sequel, Cubasis on an iPad and a controller.

But I want her to learn music not only to use a software :open_mouth:

Hey distante - sounds like you’re doing the perfect thing! Sorry I don’t know of any software for kids her age … maybe a call to the local university could be helpful.

Good luck!

well, if SHE wants to and is not forced like those kiddie models etc,

I absolutely love these apps. :

good fun , good learning;) -(until she gets frustrated at a later level and throws your ipad or whatever at the wall;)

Garage Band got Piano and Guitar lessons and you can download more…