Any RME Fireface UCX users?

I have read of problems some users are having w/ unwanted sounds, including possible related to the 48V phantom power switch.

Anyone here w/ any personal experience?

Thanks -

Why post here and not the RME forums?

Trying to understand why you ask Q’s about software and hardware you don’t own or use. The only tune I’ve ever heard from you was a crap piano piece that sounded like it was done with the MS Wavetable synth. Are you that lonely in life that the only interaction you have is asking all these non-relevant Q’s here? I’m guessing yes and no wonder.

A short question, and an entire paragraph of personal insult. Such poor behavior. :blush:

Thanks, Electrobolt, I’m sure he’s sorry he posted in that manner!

The RME forum contains multiple complaints about the UCX having bad sounds (harshness, clicks, pops, high frequency sounds, etc.), and the mods are saying to return some of the devices ( ). I haven’t gotten an answer from the mods about the 48V question, either to the post I made before the one here, or the one after. I just emailed tech support directly at
Synthax Inc.
Technical Support – Product Specialist: Jeff Petersen
6600 NW 16th Street
Suite 10
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Phone (US Support): 954-626-0674
Fax: 954-306-6349
US Dealer Locator
Sales contact: ,

I’ll post back when I hear from them.

Not one single bit. Like I said, you don’t use the features you ask about, run the software you ask about or use the hardware you ask about. So again, is your life that pathetic you feel the need to make these posts? I say yes.