Any S6 Users over here?

I asked this question on the S6 Forum over at Avid and got no response. So, I thought I’d try it from this angle.

If any of you are using an Avid S6 as your controller/desk, I would be really interested in how well your S6 works with Nuendo/Cubase.

I can’t imagine that you guys would have that crashing issue that keeps occurring with the regular Avid Control app. Are there any limitations using it with SB products? Are there things you can ONLY DO IN PT (like VCA Spill) that won’t cross over to Nuendo? What mad you choose the S6 over a Nuage Controller? Are you swapping between lots of DAWs (PT, Nuendo, Logic, DP, etc.)? Have any of you had experience on both the S6 and Nuage? How would you say that they compare?

I would be really interested in any insight you’r dare to offer.

Thanks! :smiley:

S3 user here. Eucon is great with Cubase and Nuendo. There are some weird issues like hidden tracks not being reflected on the control surface, etc. PT Control App works with Cubase and Nuendo, but works better with Pro Tools.

I’m S3 user too and I could agree more with kostal’s answer.

Any S6 Users?

I am amazed at how difficult it’s been to get an answer to this question! :astonished:

Eucon for S4/S6 IS NOT THE SAME as it is for S3/S1/Artist Series. THAT’S why I’m asking. I can’t believe that, at this price point, it would have the same issues that we’r having to put up with. But I can’t know for sure until someone who’s working on it answers the question. Are all the S6 users only using PT?

I sued to have an A6, but now just the A4. It would be nice to have an A6, but I’d probably rather get as RS5.

Hey !
I’m an S6 owner and user. Working with Protools AND Cubase 8.5.
PT integration is fantastic of course, Cubase on the other hand is… poor.
Hopefully, I did not bought it to mix Cubase session in the box. The two DAW are on different computers and the S6 is in front of ProTools.
It would have been nice to have great controls on both so I could have tracks from both on the same layout, as the last update allows it…
I should be upgrade to Cubase 11. I hope the Eucon implementation will be better.