Any short-cut, on how to 'rollback' audio recording back to its un-shortened original length?

I’ve been searching this for a few days, and just want to re-ask and re-clarify my question :slight_smile:
So, after rough comping, I always tend to reset everything and do surgical comping with every recording back to its original ‘full’ length?

When I have multiple takes, it becomes very cumbersome to click on each audio’s starting and end point then drag…?

Is there any shortcut or hotkey that just with one click, its length becomes as original…?

I really hope there is such function inside cubase 11 or 12 pro :slight_smile:

I would like to help, but I think you used more words than you had two. Please tell me if I understood what you’re asking.

With the help of a function/shortcut, you want an audio event like the one below:

… to automatically move its start and end positions as far as possible outside (like manually dragging the lower right and lower left corner of the event until no more adjustment can be made).

Did I get your question correctly?

yes! what you described is 100 percent correct :slight_smile: So, this is called, ‘normal sizing’?

So, any possible shortcut?? :slight_smile: (within key commands)?

So all 80 takes of audio, should rollback (normal sizing, recalling) to ‘its’ original length status (?).
Which means, independently, all roll back to its own u know?
So… I do not want dragging to be synced… maybe I am asking for too much on cubase…?

I hope you don’t mind me asking, why do you want to roll back to original lengths?

@JohnShin wants to be able to select multiple events that have been reduced in size and execute a command to reveal the hidden audio.

The manual process is described here:

Hello! I also record all my vocal inside Cubase and yes… I record many many takes… (just my bad habit…)
So, for example, I record 50 takes, section a ~~ throughout the whole song.
For rough monitoring, I ‘comp’ very quickly and sometimes shorten here and there?
Then, when I move onto real mixing stage, I always, reset everything.
Which means, I ‘manually’ drag all audio vocal recordings back to its original length status.
So I do not miss out any ‘good’ parts that including good tails, good breathes etc!
I know I may sound insane but this is how I normally do…

And… I just wondered, since clicking/dragging start and end point for every single audio tracks…
It takes very long time…so I posted this question :slight_smile:

I know, someone would may ask,
‘why don’t you carefully commit at the very first place…?!’
I know… maybe I should change my habit…

But here I am… dealing with 80 takes… and just wondering if there ‘can be’ a hotkey/shortcut key :slight_smile:

(And for the current project, I manually dragged every audio vocal take back to its original… finished comping… but still! I am eager to know :))


May I suggest,

Once you record your 80 takes, perhaps save a new Cubase project and name it maybe as ‘Final 80 track Takes - Original’ so that the takes will exist intact instead to, after you done your combing, having to get all the takes back to their original state?

Would that help?

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Another option could be to create a new track version (“duplicate version”) before you do the rough comping. That way, you can easily switch back to the originals.
Else, I fully agree with you - 50 to 80 tracks is insane :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Isn’t it really tedious to go through all the versions and listen back to each and everyone? I mean, after a while I don’t think I’d be able to judge properly what is the “best” take or phrase.
But each to his own :grin:


I bet, your reply would be the best alternative option!
I actually love using duplicating. (Just… just… Cubase is the. best…)

But yeah… sometimes when I get into my zone, like I record multiple takes! It happens lol (So I try my best to take less… cause as you say… it is getting hard to judgemental! no doubt)

But yeah… I mean like:

  1. select all
  2. one simple ‘hotkey’ or ‘combo key command’ then, if all 50 takes become as if~! I pressed version 1 of original state ← would be super dope for me! and I am sure there are other musicians who would find it helpful!

This can also apply for, electric guitar takes or acoustic guitar takes! because guitars can be beneficial by comping and cross-fading the best parts (section) :slight_smile:
So hopefully, just one key can be made one day… maybe Cubase 13… :slight_smile:

Yes, yes, that could help too! but fese recommended duplicating the track before start comping and so far, this would be the best option but… it is sometimes hard… when I am recording in real time (because sometimes I actually record/comp at the very same time haha…)

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