Any similar to Embracer VST for Cubase 9.5 ?

Hi !
I liked Embracer that was shipped with 5th version of cube
is there any synths like Embracer that produces mystic ambient sounds from steinberg ?
where is new embracer … why that tool has been discontinued ?

Embracer was made by a developer that no longer exists. Steinberg doesn’t have the source code, so they can’t make a 64 bit version.

It’s really just a generic sample player, and you can easily produce similar sounds by using the included Padshop and Halion Sonic SE. Adjust the Attack, Release and Filter Cutoff to make the sounds more subtle and ambient. Add reverb to taste.

Padshop Pro and the Zero Gravity expansion include even more sounds in this style. The full version of Halion Sonic 3 also includes hundreds of excellent pad sounds, and other sounds that can easily be turned into pads.

mm … thanks! I will give that a try