Any suggestions how to open a project which refuses to open?

I have a test project with lots of external instrument inputs and a couple of VSTis.

It’s refusing to open.

I did think it was Battery 4 causing the problem, but I’ve temporarily moved it out of the plug-ins directory just in case.

Previously, I had Battery 4 with half its audio outputs enabled, which caused Cubase to crash on loading the project most of the time. As an experiment, I set up ALL the outputs, now it doesn’t crash, but refuses to open the project.

I’m on 64 bit Windows 8, Cubase 64 bit 7.5.30.


Ah - did some digging. It may have been the RME 4.0.3 HDSPe drivers causing problems.

I’ve opened the file with RME’s 4.0.4 drivers.

It seems the cpr isnt corrupted, so thats a good start. For some weird reason, buffersize set while opening up the projectcan matter. If it hangs or crashes during loading up again, try increasing the buffer length (this is how I have resurrected some stubborn projects with my RME anyway).