Any thoughts on why my new 2019 MacBook Pro 16 with 32 GBs has fans running much ore than my 2016 model?

I’m using the same project and yet the fans seem to be running much higher on the new 2019 model compared to when they barely ran at all on the same project on my 2016 model with a muchness powerful cpu and half the ram?

More power generates more heat…

Sure but that should be based on what task is running to generate that power. And if it’s the same as before on a weaker machine but with twice the cpu and ram then I don’t get why that would be.

The CPU runs whether Cubase is using it or not and there is the GPU to consider as well as many other design factors such as cavity space ventilation, adapter cards, hard drives, and the specific cooling plan implemented in the BIOS.
But, as a rule, a more powerful machine would generate more heat.

Ok but that’s strange though as the new MacBook Pro’s have much better vents and more space for cooling. As well as more powerful GPU etc etc. It should be running the tasks with much more efficiency and less strain.

Also check the power plan settings on the new laptop vs. the old one.

Will do. But how would that effect things. What settings should I be looking at. As far as I can recall it’s things like dim screen on battery etc ?

I am not too familiar with Macs but on Windows you can adjust things like Minimum/Maximum Processor State, Active/Passive Cooling, etc.

Ah right no on Macs the computer pretty much controls all of that. I have a feeling it may be because I added two more groove agent se5s and apparently they are cpu hogs. So the machine I guess may be running hotter, although with asió set to high there is nothing at all registered on the audio performance metre. Ie it’s a moderately heavy project but the computer is barely registering that it’s doing any work, although the fans are still running fast.

As you mentioned that the newer model has more powerful GPU and CPU, so naturally they are going to generate more heat. Also the newer version is compact in design than the older model, so it is going to get heated faster, which would need fast fans to cool itself.


If it’s still new your machine it could be working behind the scenes indexing files etc. Just give it a while to settle.

Check activity monitor and sort the columns by CPU usage too, should give you an indication on any background tasks.

Did you previous mac have a dedicated GPU? And how comparable are the specs between the two machines?

No the newer 16 model is a redesign and has more room for ventilation and therefore a better cooling system than the 2016 model. The original model was more compact not this one. And yes it is more powerful but is running the same project as before so is not being put under more strain. It’s being put under less strain due to the increased cpu.

That’s what I thought too but it’s been one week. And indexing has definitely finished. But I’ll check the activity monitor again.
The previous model did had a dedicated gpu but not as powerful. The two machines are not comparable. The 2019 is much more powerful than the 2016 woth 32 fb ram instead of 16, which is what is baffling me.