Any tips for GUI Lag on Mac Ventura?

I’m on Ventura with an M2 Mac Ultra using Cubase 13 Pro in Apple Silicon mode (no rosetta). A few plugins cause the GUI to lag badly while open, song position pointer gets jittery. When i close the plugin all is fine. Is this specific to the plugin vendor or a Mac thing? Slate De esser, sometimes the waves SSL channel strips will do it as well (all my plugins are legit paid and Apple Silicon supported)

Another thing is lag (slight delay) when i click on the status bar (where the bar numbers are) and pull down to zoom in.

Thirdly, There is no true multi screen support - Cubase windows can be on one screen or the other, but not both. When there is a slight overlap, the mouse pointer doesn’t always change shape when wanting to make tracks larger, grab corners of regions to fade. Is this Mac specific? Never had these on PC with with Cubase 12 earlier in the year.

I’m 6 months into my transition to Mac and to be honest it’s been a rough time with Cubase. Job gets done but workflow is a bit slower.

here to, exact same setup with maxed out M2 Max/Ventura

when i drag a selection of parts around, suddenly the video gets sluggish.
its like the video engine cant keep up, its very bad because its very hard to position parts like this in a big project

I sold the overpriced Mac a few weeks ago, now back to Windows…
Most of the bugs are gone, everything is more responsive, i’m much happier, and working faster again.

I just laugh now when i stretch a waveform edit windows across 2 screens and do my thing… laugh because it was something i so missed on mac