Any tips to swapping track order in a montage? / request

this one has always been fiddly… client asks for a track order change and you drag files around the montage, having to push tracks over, push them back… rebuild spacings…grab markers that have stuck elsewhere, try to get the proper markers back with the proper tracks… and don’t get me started if they want to change the FIRST track,… then you’re hunting for that START marker…

would love to see some sort of command where you select two different track and hit “swap order” and they swap positions, keeping everything else intact…

maybe something like this already exists?

or, more than likely, i’m doing this in a very crude way and there’s actually an easier way to do it…


Dragging the track to a new order/position in the Album Tab (formerly known as the CD Tab) is the least destructive and messy way to do it.

It’s even smart enough to convert the track marker to a CD Track Start Marker from a CD Track Splice Marker if you move it to the first position…assuming the markers are already bound to clips.

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ahh yes… i think i’ve done that before but never think of it. the fact that it’ll convert markers is awesome.

thanks! will def do it this way going forward

No problem. There are some fringe cases I’ve experienced where dragging in the Album Tab has some anomalies and overall there is room for some improvement here (including moving any time-aligned clips that are on a Reference Track) to make the process smoother but overall it’s not too bad.