any VST plugins like Logic X's compressor and Exciter ?

sorry if this is off topic,
are there any VST plugins like Logic X’s compressor and Logic X’s Exciter ?


There are several compressors in Cubase:

  • Tube Compressor
  • Vintage Compressor
  • Multiband Compressor (Cubase Pro only)

If I understand a purpose of Exciter, you can use any of the saturators in Cubase:

  • Channel Tape Saturation
  • Channel Tube Saturation
  • Magneto 2

Yes, but you cannot switch between different compressor types retaining same settings with those cubase compressors like you can do in logic x.

It’s not exactly the same but for the exciter i can’t recommend AudioThings Type A enough
Absolutely fantastic and still on Black Friday sale.

That thing on vocals or drums is awesome

Cubase doesn’t include an exciter, but there are many good ones available (BBE, Audiffex STA Enhancer, etc.).

The FabFilter Pro-C 2 compressor plug-in does have a similar function. It’s called “styles”. There is no visual change of the GUI but the concept of different reacting and sounding compressor types is given: