Any way to add midi parts to multiple tracks at once?

So I have a rather large template with all of my tracks disabled and visibility configurations set up. Whenever I start a new project, I go to whichever vis config I want, enable the tracks I want, double click to put a midi part in each track, and then press the key command to only show tracks with data. My question is can I select all of my enabled tracks and put midi parts in each one with a key command or PLE?



I’m sorry, I’m afraid this is not possible.

While it’s true that there’s no intrinsic function to do this it could be done with macros.

Here’s a simple example for consecutive tracks, (it does nothing with visibility --you probably need to show only the tracks to which you will add parts – and, I assume




Another approach would be to Record Enable the Tracks and record “empty” MIDI Parts on them. If you just record the Parts but don’t have any MIDI data being recorded then the Parts will vanish when recording stops. So you’d need to record a bit of dummy data onto the Parts, for example some cc data like the mod wheel. After recording stops you could delete the dummy data using the Logical Editor (or use a controller that you’ll never use for anything and just leave it there & ignore it). Seems like you could put most of that in a Macro.