Any way to burn CD's directly from Cubase 7 ?

So, I’m doing this work, It’s a language learning book and it had a lots of tracks there.

I was wondering if its possible to get all the project ready in Cubase 7 and make a Cue/bin info or a DDP image with the info (markers) I use inside Cubase 7, I know Reaper can do Cue info and burn, but I don’t want to go out Cubase if possible.

Do you guys know if this is possible?


Negative Chief, you can’t do that. You’d need to export a .wav file first and then use an application that can burn CD’s. If you want to stay within the Steinberg family, that would be Wavelab, although it’s mighty expensive if you get it just for that. There are freebies and shareware for that purpose too, or you could get Pyro from Cakewalk or Audio Studio from Sony, which are low-cost but still fully-featured.

If you mix your tracks and export to WAVs and don’t need red book info burning then Windows Media Player will burn a plain CD. I guess if you have to ask then the previous answer is sufficient and most others will probably confuse. Wavelab is also quite a learning curve but is very versatile. If you have the time the money the determination and a bit of knowhow it is highly recommended.

mmm that was what I thought…thanks for the reply

well since I already had reaper I will use it (although reaper can’t do DDP)

I was also looking to HOFA CD-Burn & DDP

Not really what I’m looking for.

I used wavelab in a studio before to make CD masters, but I’m not in that studio anymore and WaveLab It’s kind of expensive just to do this.

I need to be able to measure the time between tracks and make tests (sometimes add a little time before some times after, although I don’t really need control over Index 0, some quick way to add silences if needed.

So far, Reaper is the more versatile option I think