any way to change the default stretch algo?

it seems to default to elastic for previewing loops etc… any way to change this? i find drums works best for the types of samples im using… elastic kills the transients :neutral_face:

if you mean ‘sizing applies timestretch’


file / preferences

Editing /Audio

theres a dropdown, the default is ‘realtime’ which you can change to mpex in its various forms

but you can’t have ‘elastique’ don’t know why (got a seperate post on this subject)

hi, actually i mean like in mediabay if your previewing a loop… it appears to be using the elastique algorithm to preview the loop… so if you insert it into your project… its being timestretched using that algo… you can then double click it then choose a different timestretch algorithm

For Cubase, elastique is used as default on audio file import as well as in the mediabay previewer. Sorry…
Remember you can also change the stretch presets of several clips at once from the pool window.