Any way to change vertical scroll speed when dragging midi notes?

They often fly way too far up or down when I drag them, any way to change the behavior?

Thank you for any help!


I’m afraid there is no way to change it. Myself I’m using the Arrow Keys. Up/Down = 1 semitone. Shift + Up/Down = 1 octave. Very clear and convenient.

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^ Arrow keys are always dependable. Sometimes I wonder if the vertical and horizontal scroll speeds for the mouse drag have been swapped around by mistake. :smile:

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I wonder the same thing :slight_smile: It’s a small thing, but it’s hugely inconvenient, to the point that I also revert to using the keyboard to move things around vertically. Would it make sense to add a #feature-request to this so that both horizontal and vertical scrolling speeds can be adjusted? I bet that one would be super popular!

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