Any way to detect linear non-variable tempo with cubase?

I’m transferring some old EDM from an old daw (Melody assistant) to Cubase. My track in Melody Assistant is 135bpm. When I tempo detect/analyze in Cubase in somehow thinks the tempo is variable and flips between 134.7xx and 135.3xx. Even if I only import the kick drum Cubase can’t detect a consistent tempo, gives me a tempo track and has the tempo vary wildly. How do I tell Cubase it’s a static non-variable tempo? It’s a 4-4 beat, one wav file with just kick drum and Cubase still can’t seem to detect the tempo, how can it not detect something simple? I’m really just trying to check the math, see if it is in fact 135 bpm and not 135.2 or something bpm. It is NOT variable tempo, not a live recording, why can’t Cubase detect this? Am I expecting too much?

Thank you!!!


Maybe use Beat Calculator for this use case.

Or after the Analyze press the Reset the analysis button. The average value will be applied.