Any Way To Disable Scroll-wheel Parameter Changes?

This is really just driving me batty. Every time I try to scroll up to my tracks near the top of the project I get my mouse too close to the volume parameters and all the sudden my entire mix is destroyed because I’ve randomly blown out the volume on several tracks.
What’s worse is that you can’t “Undo” parameter box changes with Ctrl + Z so there’s literally no way to fix this besides guessing at how bad I changed the value or just closing Cubase without saving and hoping I didn’t do much since I last saved.

This is a bit ridiculous. These already have a verified bug in Cubase 13 where they behave all weird with VCA faders. I don’t remember it being so heinously easy to jack up all my gain settings in Cubase 12, 11 or 10.


Yes, there is a new preference in Cubase 13, where you can disable it. But the fader and the paneer is still controlled by the mouse-wheel.

Cool so uh… could you elaborate on where exactly that new preference is? The preferences panel is pretty daunting to sort through.’

EDIT: I found the preference but unfortunately it doesn’t actually do anything useful. As Martin stated, the volume still changes when you scroll. Genius, absolutely genius.

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