Any way to do a "tape stop" effect in Cubase?

I dl’d this free plugin, but was just wondering if there’s a simple way to do it in Cubase without a plugin.

I know the tempo adjust tool could work for the master, but what about for single tracks?


Have a look at the elastique pro tape setting in the media will have to activate musical mode for the audio file in the pool.their is a box just click it to turn on.

Keep in mind the audio file u intend to apply this too should be of the project or you know what bpm it was recorded at.
If it wasn’t recorded in that project enter its correct bpm in the pools file details.because if it has incorrect bpm details the piece of audio will stretch before you do anything your self.

In the tools selector at the top of your project look at the pointer and u will see a little arrow pointing down click their and select sizing applies time stretch.( you may be able to just use this option on its own)

Then if u followed my directions correctly your audio should act like tape if u change project bpm

Just be mindful if u only way to do a small piece of audio and your already using musical mode for time or something which I doubt with u asking this question.
U will need to mixdown the part and re import it and apply the tape mode to that piece instead.

tempo track editor → tempo recording
you can draw in automation curves that affect song tempo… this will bring your song to a grinding halt… :exclamation:
havent researched what the different affects on midi (instruments) are… but with audio tracks it has the desired outcome… !

oops… just read the single track part :blush: … for a single track you could: solo the track, set up a global tempo curve, do a mixdown, import the new audio…

Sorry I missed that too just use the sizing applies time stretch tool that will sort it.

Thats kinda what i was thinkn.

Individual audio parts can be manipulated with some stretching, right? I’ve flipped audio parts into reverse but nvr adjusted their tempo, either faster or slower.

I’m not in C6.5 right now but I can almost imagine creating an automation, where I can control its tempo, separate from the projects tempo. Maybe I’m wrong…

But yeah, its for an individual audio track, not the entire project. Here’s an example I suppose:

Thats what the sizing applies time stretch tool does.

Have a play about with it im sure it will work for ya

I just use the Pitch Shift tool under the Audio / Process menu! Try it on a range selection of audio! Use the envelope tab with these settings ( you can grab the line curve and move it anywhere on the waveform).

Works for me!

Al :slight_smile:

^Wow…hey that might be the one!

I havent gotten a chance to try even the plugins yet, but I was wondering if Cubase had an equiv tool…pitch change, duh lol.


yep same as just use the pitch shift it’s a lot simpler and does do a very good job