Any way to double all MIDI lengths and start points?

I’m looking for a way to take MIDI data that’s in 12/16 and put it into 12/8. In other words, right now I have 4 beats of 16th note triplets - I’d like to change them to 4 beats of 8th note triplets.

Is there an easy way to do that? Note that I need to double the note lengths AND move the start positions for each note.



Select all and hover the cursor over the end of the first note and drag to desired length. Copy all while selected, position the cursor where you’d want the new second note to fall and paste.

Or am I reading this wrong?

OK, upon further effort I came up with a logical editor preset to move the notes from a 16T grid to 8T grid. You have to select all but the first note. The length method above still applies.
LE Preset.JPG

Here’s an alternative method…
Let’s say your Project tempo is 120 BPM…

  1. Switch all your tracks from Musical TimeBase to Linear TimeBase (“clock” icon instead of the “quarter-note” icon).
  2. Double the value of the Project’s tempo (so, here, 240 BPM)
  3. Switch the tracks back to Musical TimeBase
  4. Halve the Project’s tempo again (so here, back to 120 BPM).

Effective, but clunky. :mrgreen:

Thanks! I’ll give these a shot.

Vic’s method is good if that’s the only data on the track.