Any way to easily copy frames or a page template to other versions of the score?

I created a template for a project a while ago and now I’m almost ready to print. However, I made this template in the full score and not in the Voice and Piano score. Is there any way to copy the template or frames over easily?

Sorry in Advance if I did something wrong, I’m not entirely used to engrave mode just yet.

One can assign any Master Page set to any score or part in the Layout Options.

Is there a tutorial or anything that you know of? I know that is a method but I can’t figure out how to do it.


I have that set yes.

If you’ve built your template by editing or creating new Master Pages, you can then apply your edited/new Master Page Set to other layouts via Layout Options (as Derrek has screenshotted above). Furthermore, you can export that Master Page Set (or individual Master Pages) for use in other projects, saving you time in future.

If you’ve built your template by dragging things around on the individual pages within the full score layout, there’s no easy way of transferring those changes to other layouts (or other projects).

Okay, that is definitely what I did. How can I create a master page?

Unfortunately you can’t “promote” local page overrides into a master page, so you would need to create a new master page and recreate your changes there.

If your edits were specifically on the first page, and that’s how you’d want all first pages of music to look, instead of creating a new master page you can simply edit the existing First master page so that it looks the way you want. Here is some info about the different types of master pages and how Dorico uses them.

If you prefer watching videos, this playlist covers various aspect of page layouts in Dorico, including master pages, and might be useful.

I would love this “promoting” idea, since it’s kind of difficult to know before trying what you really need in your masterpage. This idea has come up before, and I would like it very much if it were considered by the team for an update (not necessarily on the short term).

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When I want to create a new Master Page as a riff on an existing page, I first go to the page on which the new MP will be based and jot down the positioning info of each frame from the Properties panel; then I can reproduce those elements I want to reproduce exactly and add my own riffs to the original page design.

I have also created a separate Dorico project that contains all my page versions (Title Pages, Dedication Pages, Subtitle Pages, etc.) for both score and parts so I can export Master Page sets as I need them for various projects.

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