Any way to highlight a section of automation and type in a positive or negative value

Tab To Transit .fine adjust for volume automation…It doesn’t move up or down smoothly… cubase always seems to lean toward midi… how about fixing the audio record editing and bring it up to the same standards as pro tools studio one reaper etc.

You can select Events and manually edit their values on the Info Line.

If you select multiple Events the Info Line will show values for the 1st selected Event. If you change that value it will use the new value for the 1st selected Event and all the other selected Events will have their values change proportional to the 1st Event.

To set the value the same for all selected Events use Ctrl+Enter instead of just Enter when setting the value.

That works but you have to split before and after the event . i want to make a selection of say a low bass note go to info line type in amount move on . as of now you separate use info line then crossfade beginning and end… a lot of steps . why can’t we just highlight a selection …be able toclip gain it… have a modifier keyfor fine adjust …that moves up or down in point 1 db steps…10 steps in fine adjust being 1 db