Any way to make Configurations in Mixer permanent?

Hi Guys,

I’ve really started to appreciate the mixer and vca faders the last few weeks, and I’m finally ‘getting’ how Configurations work (I thought they were snapshots, when in actual fact they’re more like Filters)

However, one frustration has been that I seem to have to set it all up again every session.
There is a combination of things I need to see often in sessions (instruments and groups, FX and audio channels etc), and it really is a big annoyance to have to do the same set up on every session.
Yes, I can set it up in a template, but that is no good to me if I’ve just created a session or am days into one.

So, is there a way to save configurations across sessions, and if not, can that please be a feature request?

Template sessions?

+1 for some sort of global save of mixer configurations, or a global mixer configuration preset seytem. there are presets for practically everything else. even a option to have it be included in a workspace.