Any way to make or approximate ossias

I remember something about flows possibly being ossias, but I can’t see how. Adding a staff can work, but doint this atm ends up with unnecessary numbers on instrument names.

This new approach requires some out-of-the-box thinking on our part…

Create a new flow in Setup, and compose your ossia there.
Adjust staff size as you wish.
In Engrave mode, add a music frame where you need it and assign it to that flow.

Heh, Tony, that’s certainly an ingenious way to approach this problem. We do of course intend to add ossias as soon as we can.

At your service, good sir. This solution came from your presentation, so, to quote a vintage anti-drug ad in the US, “I learned it from watching you, OK?!”


I don’t understand how you put the “ossia flow” between staves, as for now it’s not possible to respace staves manually. I don’t understand either how it can be vertically correct with the rhythm of the other players.

Here is my workaround:

Go in Setup mode and create a new solo player. Chose any instrument. Rename the player as “Ossia” and the instrument as “nothing” in all the fields by clicking on the little arrows until “edit name”.
Instrument name.png
Place the solo player where you need it by clicking and dragging it.
Go in Setup menu > Layout Options > Vertical Spacing > Hide Empty Staves in All Systems.

Go in Write mode and Gallery View. Write your ossia where you need it.
Select the first note you wrote in the ossia part and right click it.
In the Dropdown menu, go to Stave Size > 75%.

If you need to keep empty staves of other players in the full score:
Go to Write mode and Gallery View.
Select a rest in the stave you need to keep and create a text (Shift + X or Write Menu > Create Text).
Choose a white foreground color for it and type any text/letter you want.
The text will “disappear” and the stave will show in Page View.

Worked for me:
Forgive my English. I’m french.
I’m so happy to use this software! I’m sure it’ll become better and better. It’s already Amazing! Thanks to all the Dorico’s team for creating it!

Yes, an ossia needs to be in the same note spacing as the original staff, so a separate flow is not suitable.

Well, the way I’ve worked around system spacing thus far (and this is CLUNKY) is to create multiple music frames on the same page of one system each, which makes them freely moveable. This method would allow an ossia frame to be placed properly. Of course, this method also makes me want to drink heavily, so, “caveat.”