Any way to remotely write down expression map articulation for a note?

Hello guys! I was trying to use my external midi device to straightly write down expression map articulation data to a note, but I found that there’s no way to do that…Like, you can of course use the “remote keys” to use midi device to remotely control the expression map articulation, but I don’t want to just control it as a “preview” articulation, which only apply when real-time playing, I want to “write” the articulation down to the note itself, and currently, the only way to properly write down an articulation to a note, is to use cursor to manually select the articulation, like this

which will waste a good amount of time
So I reaaaally want to know, is there any way for me to write down the articulation as the “data” of the note remotely? No matter using a java, c++, lua or python script or use the cubase built in function? And btw, I already went through every options of Logical Editor and Project Logical Editor, there isn’t such thing as “expression map articulation” for me to edit there…

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time but haven’t found a way to do it. I wish there was a faster/easier way to assign articulations to notes than having to go up pull a drop down menu and select there or from the list on the bottom which can be very hard to read and select the right one when you have many.

Expression Maps as a whole really needs some serious overhauling. People have been asking for it for years but we’ve got nothing yet.

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If you use only attribute mode you can use Keyboard Maestro and a remote device.
Basically you just select the note you want to assign the articulation to in the midi editor and then press a button on your remote device (for example Metagrid) which will launch a Meyboard Maestro action.
That action will move you mouse pointer to the articulation drop down and choose the articulation based on the name.
Easier to use numbers in front of the articulation name, to facilitate the automated selection.
Then it will place the cursor back to where it was.
Or yeah, just keep waiting for an expression maps overhaul, it’s only been 15 years :smiley:

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Yeah I acutally did it with autohotkey(the same thing as keyboard maestro), and it’s quite good! And DAAAAAMN, it’s been 15 years and still no update to expression map???