Any Yamaha KX controller users here? Knobs not working

The keys, transport controls, and various Cubase buttons work fine. I just cant get the knobs to do anything.

Let’s say I’m using Prologue. The KX even seems to automatically switch to the Prologue control template. Yet when I try to adjust resonance, pan, cutoff, etc…NOTHING HAPPENS in Prologue.

Here’s my setup In Device Setup under Remote Devices…I see Quick Controls and Yamaha KX:

Quick Controls:
MIDI Input: Yamaha KX-1 (tried 1-3…no effect)
MIDI Output: Not Connected (I dont need an output here right?)

Yamaha KX:
MIDI Input: Yamaha KX-2 (only one that works for transport controls/Cubase functions)
MIDI Output: Not Connected

Kinda bummn…any ideas? Something I forget to do…

Anyone? :mrgreen:

When you turn the knobs does the MIDI indicator on the transport light? If so, look to Learn in QC.

Not all the knobs and controls in VSTi(s) can be controlled remotely. Important to note that. They just aren’t set up to do that. With other VSTi(s) a knob may only respond to one specific CC. However, in many of the better libraries and instruments, there’s a function for each of the controls called “MIDI Learn”. By right clicking on the knob or button and selecting that function, you can then set which CC you wish to use to control it. The knobs and buttons in your instrument fit into one of those categories.

I actually figured it out…well most of it.

Yamaha KX’s come with a “KX Editor” which I just figured out how to use lol. Its a pretty neat 3rd party (well…Yamaha lol) interface that I can have open WITH Cubase and create templates for different VST’s. For instance, I can create Prologue 1,2,3 etc templates and then scroll thru them on the KX to adjust diff parameters settings. It changes the KX MIDI assign in realtime too. Saving them in KX Editor and saves the templates to the KX itself.

My only problem is that the knobs dont seem to behave the way I’d like. Sometimes turning the knob produces very little effect and other times it seems to swing the VST parameter wildly. It seemed almost unusable at first. Looking it into it, as well as Quick Controls, now. Also, I’m not sure how its gonna work when I wanna adjust a parameter on a VST that doesn’t already have a template on the KX…for instance NI Battery. Maybe I’ll try that right clicking thing…