Anybody have a midi template for QU-24 to Windows Cubase?

I know Allen & Heath state the Qu- series only controls a DAW on OSX but I’m told it can control Cubase on my Windows PC. The problem is, you need to be a brain surgeon to do it. Anybody have any templates or know the best work around?


It’s super-simple. It is using Mackie Control protocol. Open Devices > Device Setup in Cubase. Click to + button, and select Mackie Control device to add. Then set the MIDI In and MIDI Out ports. Then it should works.

See this video.

Thanks for your reply Martin.
Unfortunately it’s not that simple. Apparently I have to use a 3rd party program called Bome MIDI Translator Pro to get the QU-24 talking to Cubase. As I say, you need to be a brain surgeon to understand the midi programing side of it. I just thought somebody must use the Allen & Heath QU-16 / 24 /32 series with Cubase on a PC. If so, they may have a template of the midi programing for Bome MIDI Translator Pro or they may have programed it themselves.

cheers anyhow.

Are you or Windows or on Mac? As far as I know, there is any app for Mac, which is virtual MIDI port, which you can use to communicate between Cubase and A&H. I would say, this is the Bome MIDI Translator, you are talking about.

Set this as an Input/Output in Cubase - Mackie Control Device.

Thanks Martin.
I’m on a Windows PC running Windows 8.
I would have thought there would be lots of people looking to connect the Qu series to Cubase on a Windows PC.
There must be a solution.

I’m interested in using my QU-16 as a controller as well. Did you ever find any information on how to do this?

The video referenced above is for a Mac. I followed the steps, but have been unable to get it working.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!



With Da-Ran, we did a template for the Bome MIDI Translator Pro software, which could be used even with your QU-16. But this Bome MIDI Translator software is Windows only.

If you are on Mac, it should be simple. There is a translator, made by the A&H. Them add a Mackie Control Device in Cubase, and set the virtual MIDI port (the software translator) as an input.

Did you ever get this to work? I recently set mine up after about a year and a half and it was quite simple. I didn’t use any third party software. Set it up as a Generic Remote. Just programmed one knob at a time. Works perfect. I can see about sending you the template I made. Took me hours to make it. The only thing I couldn’t get to work right was when I hit the mute the mute light doesn’t actually light up, But when I set cubase to transmit the mute back to the board from cubase I hit mute it turns the LED on and it won’t go off after that. oh and I really didn’t have a way to set up the PAN for each channel. But Working on that. Think with a little HEX code and using nrpn it may work but may be above my head until I read into this manual a bit. Let me know how you’re doing on all of this.


Generic Remote can work, if you are using project template. I’m able to even switch Banks (control more tracks then the count of the faders on the HW), for example.

Did this die out or is it possible to get the template

cheers Guys

I think it died. That is a pity because I too am struggling with this. I have a QU-24 all hooked up and Cubase is seeing it in MIDI ports.

I cannot make faders move.

I am running Windows 10. A config file and a location (subdirectory) on disk would be very nice if anyone has one.



If you have the dedicated “Translator”, then it’s not reason to don’t work. QU-24 is just sending MIDI data, and you have to Transform them for Cubase (or other DAW) to some meaning full data.

The template I did, should work in Win 10 too (if the 3rd party application works). Or I can prepare a dedicated Translator for you (also Win 10 fully compatible).

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply and for your offer. I would love something just to get me started. Anything you have would be most welcome. Please post a file or, better, very explicit instructions. I have the Allen & Heath driver installed and the QU-24 connected to my Windows 10 PC via USB 2.0. Cubase LE 8 can see the Midi channels. Now, I am stuck. It is probably simple but there is a steep learning curve with Cubase and I am having fun but finding multiple steep hills to climb - all at once.

Thanks again for your help. Much appreciated.

I ended up setting this up, been a while back you can get the template at in theshop. It’s free. Hope it works for anyone looking for this…