Anybody Here Upgrading to RX Post Production Suite 5?

I’m curious, and am on the fence.

I’m disappointed that the new, iZotope-touted Dialogue Match still only works in PT, and am curious about the new enhancements in the RX Advanced batch processor, which may or may not make it worthwhile for me. Have been lazy about downloading a trial, and thought I’d check here first and see if anybody’s given it a spin. I’ll get around to it when the clouds break, but in the meantime…anybody?


I’m on the fence. While interested in Dialog Match it’s not a deal breaker at this point and I already have RX7 Adv, Nectar 3 and Insight. Spectral Recovery looks pretty cool but I don’t see anything else that will affect my workflow, in my experience RX upgrades are an “every other one” sort of thing. john