Anybody seeing the dialog asking, allow different sample rates in the project?

It seems that periodically as I use a plugin or a process on a mixdown, I am asked do I want to change the sample rate of my project or do I want to allow different sample rates in the project. What is happening here and does anyone else have this problem? I will typically cancel this window, go to my Project sample rate window and reaffirm my selection of 48kHz and then I can continue until I perform another process and it may happen again or not, that I am asked the same question. I have never had this happen with Cubase until this program. It is most maddening to have to stop the work and choos a sample rate I have already determined. Anyone have an idea or a similar issue? Thanks in advance.

If you export to 44.1 and let it auto import the mixdown then it would and should ask you that.
If it happens randomly, No newer had that problem. Could be corrupted preferences.
Ctrl P to open pool and verify that all files are indeed 48k would be my first move.

I have this occasionally. In my case it’s due to also using my audio device as the default windows system sound device as well as my ASIO device in Cubase. For me, every-so-often windows seems to change it’s playback sample rate and it will then actually change the sample rate on my audio device, and that in turn tells Cubase the sample rate has changed, which then conflicts with the project sample rate in Cubase, which then displays the dialog.

I don’t know why the default windows sample rate changes occasionally, but definitely if you have windows sounds on or you’re playing sound via a web browser then the playing of the sound will make windows change the hardware to it’s default sample rate.

The solution I’ve found is to make sure that the default sample rate in windows is the same as the project sample rate in Cubase, e.g. both at 44.1 or both at 48 (it gets worse when swapping between 44.1 and 48 projects!!). I could also stop using my studio audio device for windows sound output, but I quite like to be able to hear web vids and audio in full quality.