Anybody selling an old Nuendo 4 for mac with code


I have old Nunedo 4.3 projects that I would like to transfer onto protools 10. I created them a wild ago on a windows machine with nuendo 4.3. Unfortunetly, I got ride of the entire computer thinking I would never go back to recording etc … I would like to purchase a Nuendo legacy softare who can opened old nuendo 4.3 projects. I think nuendo 4.3 and 5.5 are the only 2 who will do that. Is there anyone willing to sale the program for a decent price so I can transfer my projects into protools. It must be compatible with OSX. If for both is find also since I still have a win 7 partition on my IMAC. But I would like better the osx version.

I will try to find if it may be possible to simply transfer nuendo projects into protools. I may be able to import them just like they are in protools but I doubt that?

Anyway, any solution, advice or offer.



The license is not on the computer, but on you eLicenser dongle.
Which would still work. Just install Nuendo on your machine, even if it’s a mac, plug the dongle in and you are in business.
And any newer eLicenser (Nuendo, 5,6,7,8) allows you to run any older Nuendo version.


Sounds like OP was using a “special” version of Nuendo 4 that doesn’t work on Mac.

Luckily for you, Cubase Pro 9.5 can open Nuendo 4 projects. Don’t waste your time looking for a cheap Nuendo 4 because most studios have long upgraded to more recent versions.