Anybody still on El Capitan 10.11.6?

Im having to nurse my old 2008 Mac Pro/El Capitan a little longer and haven’t installed Cubase 10 update yet. I realize it’s not officially supported by Steinberg but am wondering if anyone’s had success with El Capitan and if so, any conflicts to be aware of?

I’m aware of workaround ways to update to Sierra (unofficial of course as Apple support for 2008 MP stops at El Capitan) but that may invite its own set of problems.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated


I would strongly recommend to download Cubase 10 Trial. It might be, there are some issues, but not in the area you would use on these issues wouldn’t be present at your system (or in a bad case the other way around). Maybe there are no issues at all with macOS 10.11.

I remember one user had an issue with incompatible old macOS system, but I forgot if it was macOS 10.10 or 10.11. And he also didn’t investigate a much, if he would be able to solve on his old system. He just upgraded to the supported macOS version.

I’m in the same situation with 2008 Mac Pro and holding since I don’t forsee paying maserati prices for a new one.

I tried the C10 trial and found it unusable. Apart from the horrid transport bar, which is a feature, the mixconsole racks disappeared for no reason. There was some other buggy things I don’t remember since it was a while ago.

Be aware that if you do the trial, you will have to hunt down and manually remove some vstsounds that also expire when the trial ends since there is no uninstaller.

My advice is don’t bother. There seems to be changes that make new Steinberg products unusable on El Cap if they install at all.

One option I’m also considering is the Sierra patcher that can be found for free on google. It claims to only have a problem with the trackpad. There are also patchers by the same person that go up to Mohave, but the higher you go, the more issues.

If you go that route, please post how it works for you. I will do the same, though I think it will be a little while before I try it.

Right now, all I can say is damn apple for leaving no affordable middle ground on custom systems.

Thanks for the replies guys, Ive already purchased the upgrade (didn’t read fine print about OS requirements) so I guess I could just install it and see what happens, hopefully it won’t mess up my C9.5 installation. Ulesto, please do let me know if you try Sierra patcher, I’m a little afraid of it as it could be a can of worms in itself. I’m wondering if it would be best to install Sierra patcher first, then C10, or vice versa?

I suppose I could just wait until I can afford a new Mac mini or iMac but might be a while, hhmmmm, decisions, decisions…



You can also wait with the upgrade to your new Mac mini or iMac. If this would happen in later autumn and you would activate your upgrade in that time, you would most probably get Cubase 10.5 license for free then, thanks to the regular Steinberg Grace Period.


I also have an old Mac 3.1 (upgraded with ssd discs; helps a lot!) and I confirm that Cubase 10 works well here on my machine!
Now I’m considering to buy Absolute4 (Groove Agent 5/Halion6 etc.)
Anybody here can confirm installing that and working well on a 3.1 Mac Pro?
Thanks in advance!

Halion6.3 won’t install on my MacPro 4,1 (10.11.6), but running Halion ok.

So Cubase Pro 10.5 is running on El Capitan or 10?

Hi and welcome,


  • Cubase 10: macOS 10.12 - 10.14
  • Cubase 10.5: macOS 10.14 & 10.15