Anybody use Ample Guitar SC?

I just purchased the ample guitar SC plug- in. It follows the chord track just fine when not strum mode. When I put it in strum mode it is playing many wrong chords. I have tried both chord modes and it still does not interpret some of the chords correctly. I don’t know if I need to enter the chords differently in the guitar track or if this is a plug-in problem. I can’t seem to get any answers on this so far. I have tried to go on the Ample guitar forum but I cannot see a button that says new topic. I really don’t know Who I can contact with this problem. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Are you sure that your notes are all exactly lined up? I had a similar problem using AAS Strum GS-2, it turned out that the notes weren’t totally quantised to the beat (i try to keep things loose). Similarly with any overlaps.
Make sure the plugin only sees what you want it to see.

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OK, I will check that carefully. Thank you for the suggestion.

I have had an odd problem with an Ample bass guitar plugin. The song starts with 2 drummers (EZDrummer 3 x 2) then the bass riff comes in for a couple of bars before everything else.
It all worked perfectly until I rendered the track, then I could hear in the second bar of the the bass riff, one of the notes played an octave up!
I took the easy way out and rendered in real time. Very odd.

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That IS very odd.

The answer is that the plug-in only reads the chords accurately in the chord track in the play mode. If you put it in Strom mode it does not read the chord changes because The functionality changes. It will only read chords as they are created by you in the strum pattern feature. You tell the plug-in which chord you want and what pattern you want it strummed in. Then you must drag that information into the DAW to be read by the plug-in when you play back. This is not like TGuitar which does read the chord changes in the chord track while strumming. It’s too bad that the Ample guitar plug-in does not do both.

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Hey Jeremy PLS, you are a GOD SEND for asking this question about “are you sure your notes are exactly lined up?” I have been so frustrated that detect mode keep playing the wrong chord??? well, being a keyboard player, I play the chords with one hand and strum with the other, but of course that means the notes in the chords won’t be perfectly lined up. Never thought that was an issue till I saw your post. Thank you for finally clearing this up. Now I quantize the chords and it works!